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The organization is involved in rural waste management, empowerment and livelihood security. The plant we are currently constructing is a Deen Bandhu model, suited for the Ganga basin area of Bihar and is of 150m3 capacity. It can produce electricity in tune of 100 KW per day and can help at least 100 farmers in irrigating at least 200 acres of land and treating almost more than 13500 Quintal of waste per year.

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Swayambhu Mission

Our core focus is to empower villages, make them self-sufficient, self-reliant and self-dependent in terms of energy, manure and bio-pesticide. To achieve our target we follow a seven steps process. Click below to learn about them –

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Recycled Plastic Sheet

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Biogas Plant Construction

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We upcycle every type of plastic including MLP’s , polythene etc and convert it into recycled plastic sheets.

We are installing community biogas plant which supplies cooking fuel to rural household through gas pipeline.

The slurry from biogas plants are used as bio manure and its more nutritious. We sell biogas manure to farmers/directly to the FPO’s

The plant objective is to provide services to the agricultural farms in the form of making the optimum use of the surface water available around the year through the construction or refashioning of the community ponds for irrigation purposes.